Pineapple weight loss.

 Pineapple - is delicious and extremely useful tropical fruit, which a few years ago attracted the attention of nutritionists. Today it is no secret that the pineapple is the fruit of the overseas number 1 for weight loss. After all, it includes "an enzyme harmony" bromelain, which can encourage the splitting of complex lipids and to promote weight loss.

Properties and benefits of pineapple.

 Eating pineapple is useful not only for the figures, but also for overall health. After all, juicy and sweet flesh of this fruit is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals. The composition of the pineapple is vitamin A, C, PP, B vitamins, as well as iron, copper, calcium, iodine, magnesium, potassium and other nutrients that make the fruit of this pantry of health. Pineapple is an excellent prevention and treatment of many diseases, it lowers cholesterol, improves digestion and lowers blood pressure.

 Due to its composition pineapple is simply indispensable for weight loss. First, despite the fact that it is quite sweet fruit, it contains only 48 calories. And secondly, it contains a unique "enzyme harmony" Bromelain, which activates the cleavage of proteins and fats, improves digestion and enhances the action of gastric juice. It is said that one gram bromeline can save you from a ...
kilogram overweight. But we should not hope that, just eating pineapple, you will begin to melt rapidly in the eyes. There are no miracles, only pineapple can contribute to the process of losing weight. While not proven, whether the pineapple to burn accumulated fat, but you know that it improves digestion and assimilation of food, especially meat, fish, legumes and dairy products. Therefore, after eating good to eat a slice of pineapple or drinking a glass of juice. In addition, pineapple copes with hunger, so it makes sense to use the fruit and before eating. This will help pay off hunger, and you do not want to eat too much.

How to lose weight with pineapple?

 Today, on the basis of pineapple made a lot of different food additives, medicines, teas for weight loss, etc. Of course, you can take and them, but much more useful to use fresh pineapple.

 Nutritionists advise to arrange themselves pineapple fasting days a week. For this you need a pineapple, which should be divided into 4 pieces and eat them during the day. Also during the "Pineapple" the day you should drink a lot of fluids: water, herbal and fruit teas. This "delicious" fasting day will allow you to get rid of 0,7-1 kg weight loss per day. But it is worth noting that it is contraindicated in individuals with increased acidity of gastric juice and ulcer disease. And after eating pineapple do not forget to rinse your mouth with water, as its sap can erode tooth enamel.

 If you are not a discharge of the day, try pineapple diet, designed for 2-3 days. You will need 1 liter of pineapple juice and 2 kilograms of fresh pineapples. Cut pineapple into slices and divide into four parts, one for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Also during the day drink a liter of juice. Diet, though tasty, but to follow it can not be longer than 2-3 days.

 Do not want to diet, then cook the pineapple infusion for weight loss. Wash the pineapple and cut off his greens. Scroll through it through a meat grinder, pour a bottle of vodka and store in refrigerator for one week. Finished tincture, take a tablespoon 15 minutes before meals or before bedtime. If you do not overeat sweets, then this month will be able to get rid of two or three kilograms.

Also for weight loss and prevention of colds can take daily vitamin drink. To do this, grind in a mixer 100 g of pineapple and add a little lemon juice.

 Thus, regular consumption of pineapple will help you get rid of extra pounds, improve digestion, nourish the body with vitamins.